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Biosgel® is the innovative solid, gummy, soft and strong gel. Foamed in mould through very modern processes, Biosgel® is born as you see it, ready to be used also in direct contact with skin.

How does Biosgel work?

Each Biosgel® reticulation supports a well defi ned weight: if the weight is excessive the reticulation yields and does not push to retake its initial position until the weight is removed.

In the parts of the body like back and sides there is not weight enough to cause the yielding of the reticulation which has a support function. The parts of the body supporting a higher weight like hips and shoulders compell the reticulation to yield. The reticulation yields the weight to the surrounding reticulation. In this way pressure is nullifi ed where weight is higher while the surface in contact with the body extends increasing the comfort.

Pressure Relief: thanks to its revolutionary physical-mechanical properties.

Fresh: It takes 2 to increase the temperature of 1 degree then it stabilized at a fixed-temperature sore degrees lower than body's.

Dermatologically tested: Being completely harmless in all its components and being free from volatile substances, it is safe in direct contact with the skin.

Transpiring: thanks to the passing channels crossing the whole surface, it remains cool.

Washable: With neutral soap and cold water.

Recycled: Thanks to the material recycling and reusing in the productive process, with great respect for environment.

Density UNI EN ISO 845 900 Kg/m³
Elongation at break UNI EN ISO 1798 > 250%
Tensile strenght UNI EN ISO 1798 85 Kpa
Thermic conducibility   0,1130 W/m*K